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Click Here To Print The 2014 420 Fest and Arizona Growers Cup – Sponsor Form

fill out the form and email to Business@Arizona420Festival.com or fax to (602)714-6340

 April, 18th, 19th, 20th Celebrating the 2014 Season.

Grower’s Cup: The top 3 highest scoring entries of each sub categories from each of the 4 preliminary blocks will compete for the 2014 Grower’s Cup Championship Award at the 2014 Arizona Grower’s Cup. There will be entries from legal farmers, caregivers, collectives, patients, and dispensaries. Entry’s will be judged and receive nominations during preliminary events by scoring and reporting through AZMedsTesting. Live “blind” judging is held during the Arizona Grower’s Cup by 80 AZ MMJ card holders chosen by drawing. There will also be product entries i.e. Glass works, vaporizer equipment, MMJ technology for the first Grower’s cup glass & product awards from Friday until the Green Carpet Awards Sunday evening

420 Festival: A 3 day on-site music festival hosting the Arizona Grower’s Cup with live performances by national celebrity music artist, comedians, speakers, and disk jockeys performing throughout the weekend including an public vendor expo, education classes & sponsored speakers, Sunday sidewalk job fair, and 24hour a day pool party celebrating the 2014 season. The Arizona 420 Festival and the Arizona Grower’s Cup & Green Carpet Awards will host up to 3000 people or more throughout the festival weekend.

Event Hotel Location: The Crown Plaza Hotel / 4 + rating / 248 Rooms
Grounds Capacity: Approximately 5000
Over flow- Location: The Sheraton Crescent Hotel (Will go on sale if/after event location sells out)
Stages (5): #1 Pool Side (1), #2 Lawn Stage (main stage), #3 Pool Side (2), #4 Patient’s Retreat, #5 Club 420
Clubs (2): #1 Club 420, #2 Club Crown
Pools & Spa (2): 1 outdoor, 1 indoor Heated
Event Attendance: Open to All; both patients and non-patients 18 years and over.
Hours of Event: 11AM Friday to 10PM Sunday (on going)



Event Branding

Minimum- $8,000
Maximum- $20,000
Starts Jan. 21st 2014


– Ad Campaigns w/ local networks and affiliates

  •  Rock- FM
  •  Hip Hop- FM

- Interviews, various radio shows

  •  Driving with Gassman
  •  Freedoms Phoenix
  •  Ray Chubb’s We the People Radio
  •  Press release PR Newswire

- Adoption

  •  Non/Not for profit supporting organizations


-  Poster Placement (Minimum 200)

  •  Music Retail outlets
  •  Functional & Nonfunctional product outlets
  •  Dispensaries & Affiliates
  •  Transportation stops
  •  Sponsored locations
  •  3rd Party Ticketing outlets
  •  Other Supporting Locations

- Flyer Distribution (Minimum 10,000)

  •  Performing Local & Supporting Artist
  •  Fans & Friends
  •  Other events
  •  Hand to hand ticket sales
  •  Artist Supporters & sponsors

-  Street team staff members


  •  eConcert Live members & mailing list
  •  Target Demo i.e. Colleges, Clubs
  •  Supporting Marketing Locations
  •  MMJ Farmers Market

- Self Serve Flyer Placement

  •  All the Above w/ poster placement locations

- Ad Campaigns Local Entertainment Guides

  •  “New Times”
  •  “AZ Weekly”

Online Branding

– Websites

  •  eConcert Live
  •  Arizona Growers Cup
  •  Arizona 420 Festival
  •  Other Supporting Websites

-  Social Sites – Artist, Event Staff, Supporters

  •  Facebook
  •  Twitter
  •  Google+
  •  Vine
  •  Instagram
  •  YouTube

- 3rd Party Placement

  •  Facebook (Targeted Ad Campaigns)
  •  Eventful
  •  Pollstar
  •  AZCentral

-  Press

  •  PR Newswire
  •  Associated Press
  •  Arizona Republic
  •  News Wire
  •  Pollstar Wire
  •  Music News
  •  Various MMJ news sites

Click Here To Print The 2014 420 Fest and Arizona Growers Cup – Sponsor Form

fill out the form and email to Business@Arizona420Festival.com or fax to (602)714-6340